Karen Climer the Balloon Twister

Restaurant Entertainment

People at a Restaurant with the balloon twister

Do you want your restaurant to be packed to capacity? Do you want customers to return week after week? And bring their friends? Keep reading …

People don’t go out for the food – they go out for the experience. If you have kids, you know that kids have a major say in which restaurant you go to. But it’s difficult to know what type of entertainer to hire … a balloon twister? A face painter? A magician? A clown?

What’s more important than the type of entertainment is the quality of entertainment.

I’ve been to restaurants with my family when a college student who learned to make balloons last week comes over and bothers us. Worse than that, he stands there and won’t leave until I tip him. That is not entertainment – that is harassment.

child at a restaurant with twisted balloons
man an woman at a restaurant with a lion mask made from twisted balloons

Thousands of restaurants have entertainers who work only for tips. These people are usually worth what the restaurant is paying them. Often, they don’t even show up! Is that what you want in your business?

I’ve been twisting balloons and performing magic for years. I can help you establish a regular base of customers who return week after week, and bring their friends. I will mention your restaurant in her table side entertainment, and create balloon shapes that promote your restaurant. This will further solidify the relationship you have with your customers. In addition to balloon twisting, I can also perform table-side magic.

Considering the extra business my entertainment will bring, it is very affordable. I want to be in your restaurant, so I’ll make sure it is possible to have me there week after week. Contact me TODAY about a free trial night to see how it works for you.

The Balloon Twister at a restaurant
woman with balloon hat at a restaurant

“You are the greatest balloon blower ever.”

Sara N., third grade

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