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Your life is busy, and finding the time to do everything is tough. The good news is…a great kids’ party couldn’t be easier! Want to discover how to throw a birthday party that your child will remember forever? Think it’s impossible? Keep reading…

How To Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Unforgettable

Quality entertainment that gets the kids involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making your child’s birthday more fun for them and less hassle for you.

But there are so many options to choose from. Do you get a bounce house? A magician? A clown?

girls at a party with twisted balloons
boys at a birthday party with the balloon twister

I’ve Heard Horror Stories About Entertainers Who Are Unprofessional, Don’t Show Up, Or Are Terrible With The Kids … Don’t Be A Victim!

This is a major problem in my industry. There are many amateurs clowns, magicians, and balloon twisters who use your child’s birthday party as a place to practice…then charge you money for it!

These people are frauds and should not be in your home. I’ve even had parents call in tears looking for entertainment because the person they hired cancelled a few hours before the party.

Unfortunately, anyone can buy a few props, get a website and business cards, and call themselves a professional. Many of these people don’t even like children!

This Is Not Fair To You Or Your Child!

balloon twister at a party with kids

As a professional entertainer, I have performed for thousands of children. I have performed at countless events such as school assemblies, library shows, church programs, birthday parties, and cruise ships.  Plus, I carry liability insurance for your peace of mind. I have passed the FBI background checks required by the Jessica Lunsford Act to work with kids. When you hire me, you are getting a professional in every sense of the word.

I have a Bachelor degree in music performance, so I know how to perform and entertain. I have a MBA from Crummer School at Rollins, so I know how to run my business professionally. (That’s why I carry liability insurance – something few entertainers do). This is something I take seriously.

I entertain kids because I love it. My clients include people like you, libraries, schools, day cares, summer camps, churches. I have corporate clients too like major shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks.

Balloon Twister Karen Climer at Oasis of the Seas Cruise Liner
Balloon Twister at a convention

“Thank you so much Karen. You were a big hit and I look forward to working with you again in the near future. “

Lauren MacDonald, Director of Catering at The Country Club of Orlando

Six Powerful Reasons to Invite Karen Climer to Your Child’s Birthday Party

  1. The Children Will Belly-Laugh ‘Til Their Sides Hurt – The kids become the stars of the show during the clowning around, magic, balloons, and other activities. The party is about the kids, not about me.  The interactive nature of the show ensures that everyone will have fun.
  2. You Will Get Terrific Photos – Have your camera ready. You’ll get terrific photos of the kids laughing the entire 40-minute show.
  3. Customized Presentations – I don’t have a canned show that I perform at every birthday party. I will create a unique show for your child based on your feedback.
  4. Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident – My years of performing experience means you get a professional-caliber show, which in turn means a fantastic party for your child and the guests. Every entertainer claims to be good, so how do you really know.  The best way to know is based on what other people say. Here are a few comments I’ve received from my parties:
  5. A Birthday Party That Is Hassle-Free – I bring everything I need, so there is nothing you have to do and nothing you have to worry about.  It’s easy. I will even help you with other aspects of the party. I am willing to provide the party favors. I’ve been to hundreds of birthday parties, so I can tell you what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Guaranteed Results – After the birthday party, if you are not completely satisfied, if your child is not laughing hysterically, if your child doesn’t have the best birthday ever, I respectfully ask that you tear up my check. I guarantee my show because out of the hundreds of programs I’ve presented, no one – not one single person – has ever asked for their money back. I make this guarantee so you can feel completely confident when you hire Karen Climer. If your child doesn’t have a blast, you don’t pay. My show isn’t just guaranteed – it’s Karen-teed!
    All shows are custom, so the cost varies.

“Karen did a great job. What a fun show to watch!”

Margaret Davis, Orlando, Florida

“The show was great – very entertaining! You are a funny person. A little unbelievable ’til you see it!”

Kim Wheeler, Starke, Florida