Karen Climer the Balloon Twister

Decorations and Deliveries

Balloons being delivered


Everyone sends flowers and candy. Distinguish yourself and send something with a twist. This isn’t your typical balloon bouquet of a few helium balloons, curly ribbon, and a plastic weight. This is one-of-a-kind, customized latex art.

I can make balloon flower bouquets, balloon animals, balloon caricatures of the people you are sending it to, or just about anything else you can imagine. Flower arrangements are popular with the entire bouquet, including the vase, made from balloons.

Other deliveries have included a golf bag and golf clubs, an overflowing beer mug, and much more. Contact me to send something that makes a personal statement and a lasting impression.

baby crib balloons
blue man balloon

“Your balloon creations are amazing!”

Megan Miller


I specialize in centerpieces for all occasions – from conventions to weddings, meetings to dinner parties. These decorations will dazzle your guests so much, they will talk about it for weeks after your party. Popular themes include flower bouquets, golf, tennis, and caricatures.

balloon table decoration
balloon horn of plenty

“You would not believe the response! Everyone absolutely LOVED your balloon arrangement!! It was amazing! I’ve never seen such a totally genuine reaction to a ‘little surprise’! I thought they would be impressed but the entire office came to a complete stand still and all you could hear were OOOOhs and Ahhhhs!”

Susan Torrico